Director of Client Services

Jane Szymczak, Laciak>cpa’s Director of Client Services since 2007, is always on the go. On any given day, you’re likely to run into Jane at any of the number of events she attends in the community where she represents Laciak>cpa as well as introduces business owners and potential clients to the Laciak>cpa team.

In Jane’s role, it’s important to be relatable. For Jane, her relatability to business owners is genuine, in that she started, ran, and sold a successful local salon that is still in operation today. Jane knows the challenges, fears, hopes, and dreams that entrepreneurs face and embrace because she’s walked in their shoes. And having been on that road before, Jane knows just how important it is to find the right CPA to help grow and protect your business and personal finances.

“When I talk with our clients and potential clients, I can empathize with the world in which they operate, and the magnitude of tasks and responsibilities that fall on their shoulders as business owners,” says Jane. “As an entrepreneur, I know how much easier it’s going to be for them to be successful when they get the support they need. Having Laciak>cpa in your corner is so comforting.”

So where might you see Jane? As Laciak’s representative at numerous chambers throughout Lake and Porter County, Jane serves on various ambassador committees and can be found networking around the region. Jane also sits on the board for the Valparaiso YMCA and is a proud member of the Gary Chapter of Tri Kappa. Jane is a mentor with SCORE Northwest Indiana, a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed. Previously, Jane served as a board member for the Valparaiso Rotary, contributing to the organization’s annual Popcorn Fest golf outing at Aberdeen.

“Jane is genuinely focused on creating a win-win situation when she engages with potential clients,” says Laciak>cpa Office Manager Margaret Griggs. “Her main focus is to match potential clients with accounting and consulting services they truly need, which will benefit them in the long run. She’s very appreciative of people’s time, because she understands just how busy small business professionals are. Quite simply, Jane brings people together, and yes, she is Laciak>cpa’s biggest fan.  She’s a true believer in the power of Laciak’s critical thinking; in their diligent problem solving, and their ability to turn businesses around.”

Jane and her husband have lived in the region since 1987. When she’s not out networking and advocating Laciak’s community awareness and involvement, Jane enjoys spending time with her family of three children and two busy grandsons at her Valparaiso home, or taking in a great day of football in her hometown of South Bend.

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Jane Szymczak | Director of Client Services