Year round, and especially during the busy tax season.

We understand the unique situations that corporations face, including large tax liabilities, corporate training challenges and financial management issues. By focusing our personal attention on your financial goals, you can better focus on your business growth.

Companies of all sizes rely on our diligence and expertise in key areas such as these:

Tax management.  As the single biggest expense a corporation faces, taxes often end up taking as much as 40% of profits. Laciak>cpa prepares your tax returns and assists you in paying the minimum tax that is legally allowable, leaving you more money to invest in your company’s growth.

Financial reporting.  Laciak>cpa offers two types of services that are widely used by corporations: Financial statement reviews and compilations. Reviewed financial statements give the user a higher level of assurance than do compiled financials. When we review statements, we carefully analyze the entity’s financial information to determine if the financial statements reflect the entity’s true financial position. In compilation engagements, we prepare financial statements from the financial information supplied by our clients, but we do not express any assurance on them.

Employee benefit plans.  We develop corporate compensation plans, as well as profit sharing plans to help you attract and retain talented employees, and prepare for financial security in retirement.

Staff training & support.  Your accounting system provides essential information to record the past and project the future. Laciak>cpa will design and implement an accounting system and then train your staff in managing it so that timely and precise information is available to you when you need it.

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