Get more, with Personal Financial Planning Services from Laciak>cpa.

Laciak>cpa is proud to offer Personal Financial Planning services from Geoff and Brian Laciak, all AICPA-certified Personal Financial Specialists. When clients choose Laciak>cpa for their personal financial planning needs, what they receive is much more.

Geoff and Brian offer the powerful combination of extensive tax expertise and comprehensive knowledge of financial planning — all with complete and seamless integration with Laciak>cpa’s existing accounting services and customer service promises: more personalized attention, more detailed analysis, more timely information, and more innovative solutions.

The result is a completely holistic approach to client financial care. The Laciaks are uniquely qualified to look at the entire ‘system’ in your financial life – taxes, education planning, estate planning, insurance needs, succession planning, and retirement planning.

Let’s schedule a time to meet and review your personal financial retirement goals, education planning needs, and short and long-term objectives. Then we’ll develop a customized financial strategy that puts you well on the path to reaching them, and more.

About AICPA PFS Certification
The AICPA established a credential for CPAs who specialize in personal financial planning (PFP). The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential is granted solely to CPAs with considerable PFP education and experience who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and experience by earning this exclusive credential.

To become a PFS, candidates must be active members of the AICPA, have at least three years of financial planning experience, meet all the requirements of being a CPA, receive recommendations and pass a written exam:

  1. Hold a valid and active CPA license and be a regular member of the AICPA.
  2. Complete comprehensive PFP education.
  3. Possess at least two years of business experience in personal financial planning prior to taking the exam.
  4. Pass the PFP examination – a comprehensive financial planning exam that covers all of the planning process and professional responsibilities and disciplines that make up personal financial planning, including tax, estate, retirement, investments, and insurance planning, as well as a few niche areas like employee benefits, education, and elder planning.

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